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Fix the weakest link in your cloud security

Shadow IT is the term used to describe IT systems that are built and used within businesses without explicit business approval. An example is an individual employee signing up for a cloud-based app without going through an approval process first. Why is this a problem? Relatively few organisations are able to track the cloud services

Hacking is getting easier

The Internet of Things is one of the biggest security risks faced by organisations today. Why? Whilst it is expected that the server farm you purchased is secure (whatever that means in this day and age), what are the expectations of the smartwatch your staff member brought in, or the $100 printer you have on

Beware iTunes scams

The ATO is reminding the public to be alert to scammers impersonating the ATO demanding iTunes gift cards as a form of tax debt payment. Staggering to believe, but a simple cold call to unsuspecting victims is working. The ruse is simple: cold call someone and pretend to be from the ATO, then demand payment

Tips for a solid disaster recovery plan

Disaster Recovery (DR) goes beyond just backing up. Backing up is simply taking a copy of your data and storing it. DR needs to factor in a lot more, such as: 1. Where will you restore your data to? 2. How will you restore your data if your equipment is not accessible? 3. How much

Don’t get complacent in the Cloud

Cloud security is getting better but that doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. WannaCry was one of the biggest and most widespread “attacks” ever seen, but it wasn’t so widespread as to take out the world. And that’s a concern because WannaCry has been widely described as amateur. Keeping data secure has never been harder than

What’s your plan B if your tech fails you whilst travelling?

Technology fails. That is an unfortunate truth about the gadgets and devices that run our businesses and our lives. What do you do if your tech fails you whilst you’re away from the office and home? There’s always the risk of damage and theft when you’re away – and whilst replacing the tech is inevitably

Erase yourself from the Internet

It’s a very tough proposition to completely erase yourself from the internet. Think that you’re not on there because you don’t have Facebook? Well, read our article about Google location services… you’re on the internet! So unless you’ve actually been off the grid “for real”, there’s a few things you can do. But be warned

Digital Transformation: what is it?

In a nutshell, it is applying digital processes to existing business operations. In the same way that machinery enabled manufacturing processes to speed up, automation and standardisation of tasks can increase efficiency and free up staff to work on higher value tasks: such as things that ‘robots’ will never be able to do as well

WannaCry? No need to, Rock IT can help with Ransomware and WannaCrypt.

A new strain of Ransomware called WannaCrypt (appropriately dubbed WannaCry) is at large and creating a media storm. It is concerning many computer users worldwide, but here are some tips to assist with managing it. Firstly, what is it? WannaCrypt is a type of Ransomware. Ransomware encrypts computer files so that they are unreadable. The

Want to speed up your business and be more digitally competitive?

There is no comparison to how businesses are run today compared to twenty years ago. Those days may have seemed simpler in some ways, but the technology we enjoy today has opened up new opportunities that we have learned to enjoy and appreciate. Technology has increased speed. Business is now moving faster than ever. With