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Should you cover your webcam just like Mark Zuckerberg does?

Yep. You absolutely should. And stuff chewing gum into your laptop microphone. There are cameras and lenses everywhere. On the side of buildings, in your phone and in your laptop. Do we even notice them anymore given they’re so prevalent? And the reality is, someone could be watching you at any moment – even when

Can your smart TV really be hacked?

It’s hard to fathom what really makes a TV smart, but the marketing geniuses at just about every manufacturer seem to think that a “Smart TV” is a TV that can connect to the internet and stream content. Basically it means Netflix etc. can be played via your TV remote. The reality now that many

APRA says that financial institutions are making basic cyber security errors

Basic ‘cyber hygiene’ is an ongoing area of concern in the financial services sector. Since issuing their latest Cyber Security guidelines in July 2019, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority has received 36 data breach notifications Executive board member Geoff Summerhayes warns that local financial services providers were still making basic errors. “With some cyber-incidents taking

Why are all the scammers from Nigeria?

Keen followers of my articles will recall a previous article named “Why do phishing email be writtened such bad english? Turns out it’s intentional…” In that article, I explored why phishing emails contained such terrible and obvious spelling and grammatical errors. But I didn’t address why so many scammers say that they’re from Nigeria. A

Cyber Insurance… here to stay, but ultimately is it worth it?

If your business works with an Insurance Broker, then chances are you’ve had a discussion about “Cyber Insurance”. What is Cyber Insurance? The past 10 years have seen massive changes in the way that companies communicate and do business. Many businesses have undergone some form of digital transformation which (should have) created improvements to their

Internet of Things – 10 stupid iot devices that we just didn’t need

Gosh, sometimes being human is just plain hard! Flicking a switch to turn on a light. Remembering how much water to drink. Wondering if your hair has been brushed with the correct force. What about working out where your cows are? The “Internet of Things” or IoT connects so called “Smart Devices” to the internet.

What can someone get from your laptop if you lose it?

It could happen to anyone. You’re busy working away at your local hipster cafe, distracted by the coffee that you’re now required to construct whilst trying to hold a conversation with your colleague. And whilst you’re asking yourself the question “why did I pay $8 for this experience” you notice something is missing. Your bag

How & why to use a Password Manager for increased Cybersecurity

Keen followers of this blog will know that we’ve been banging on about the need to use unique passwords for each online account… and before you spit out your coffee in shock because you have 180 online accounts, there’s a key reason for it. Firstly – your username and password are a combination. Your username

5 things to consider when choosing a Managed Security Service Provider

Choosing a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) can be a daunting task. If you have an existing relationship you know you’ve either outgrown their capabilities or something has gone wrong in the relationship. Here’s our top 5 things to consider when looking for a new IT Security provider in Melbourne 1-Knowledgeable Account Manager Your Account

Telstra Bill Scam – watch out

There’s a new, very well constructed, scam email making the rounds – this time it’s a Telstra look-alike bill. The well-formatted email will look familiar to existing Telstra customers and asks users to click through to an attached bill. Although there are no attachments: just a link is provided. The fake Telstra bill. Source: MailGuard.

Rock IT Partners with rhipe – Press Release

Download the whole case study here: Rhipe-CaseStudy-RockIT Rhipe’s cloud expertise strikes a chord with Rock IT The intangible nature of cloud services makes distributing them a specialised skill, and Rhipe’s history of strong successes long ago convinced Nik Devidas that the company was the best partner to provide that skill. As co-founder and managing director

Why deleting your Google history is a must-do

How comfortable with Google having a copy of everything you’ve searched… ever? Unless you move to a private search engine DuckDuckGo, then your search engine still likely has a copy of everything you’ve ever searched. Let’s take Google for example. Check out your Google Search History: searches, locations, interests. They’ve recorded it all. Deleting your Google

Turn On Encryption In Facebook Messenger NOW!

Facebook Messenger’s ‘Secret Conversations’ allow end-to-end encryption, but the feature is opt-in. Here’s how to turn it on and use it. End-to-end encryption means that your conversations are encrypted from one device to another so the conversation can’t be accessed by anyone other than the sender and the intended receiver. Facebook’s new encryption, appropriately, is

Top 10 ways to protect your end-user data

Security is a hot topic thanks to a visible escalation in cybersecurity risks, but end-user data is often overlooked. With an increasingly mobile workforce, sensitive data is now found on all manner of devices, including laptops and mobiles – and it must be secured. Protect your business by ensuring that you and your staff follow

Rock IT Ranked Among World’s Most Elite 501 Managed Service Providers

Rock IT Ranked Among World’s Most Elite 501 Managed Service Providers   12th Annual MSP 501 Identifies Top Forward-Thinking Global MSPs & Leading Trends in Managed Services   JUNE 18, 2019: Rock IT has been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers on the prestigious 12th-annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings.  

Rock IT is ranked as a leading MSP again!

12th Annual MSP 501 Identifies Top Forward-Thinking Global MSPs & Leading Trends in Managed Services JUNE 18, 2019: Rock IT has been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers on the prestigious 12th-annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. Every year, MSPs worldwide complete an extensive survey and application to report their product

Enable Google two-step verification

Enable Google two-step verification This is the simplest way to get additional security around your Google accounts. It’s simple, easy to use and will stop the bad guys/girls getting in!! To get started, go to the Security page in settings. Click 2-Step Verification and then the Get Started button to sign in to your Google account and turn on two-step verification.

FBI Ransomware Alert & mitigation steps

In an FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) alert, the government agencies warned cybersecurity professionals about SamSam MSIL/Samas.A ransomware attacks. Within the alert, the government agencies recommended that organizations take these 14 steps to mitigate the risk of SamSam ransomware infection. Here’s the mitigation guidance, word for word from the FBI and DHS memo: 1.

Five Common Security Scams

Five Common Security Scams Phishing: Emails aimed at luring recipients to click on an embedded link, which could trigger a malware installation, or surrendering confidential information such as passwords or credit card numbers. Spear-Phishing: Attackers gather specific personal data and often impersonate friends or business associates, including mimicking their email addresses (a tactic called “spoofing”) to craft an especially realistic

WhatsApp video call could compromise your account – update WhatsApp!

Google Project Zero security researcher Natalie Silvanovich has published a report showing a vulnerability in WhatsApp that could have allowed an attacker to take control of a video call remotely. The technical details can be found in Natalie’s blog or a summary here. The quick summary for this blog is this: Hacker only need your phone number