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Better IT for better business

What role will IT play in improving your customer's & your team's life?

Choosing the right technology

We are the extra set of hands that manage all your IT needs.

Rock IT’s trusted technologies are curated for each customer, all wrapped up with a personalised support service. And through our unique partnerships we can give our customers access to services typically only available to Enterprises.

We understand business problems and we’ll ensure you get the best solution.

Rock IT can help you grow

Cybersecurity comes as standard

Whilst we of course offer IT Support and Professional Services for projects, we include Cybersecurity as a non-negotiable. You actually don’t get a choice!

Our clients have come to expect high levels of Cybersecurity that goes beyond installing antivirus.

Cybersecurity is not a destination, rather it’s an ongoing journey towards improving Cyber Resilience. It’s as much as people and processes as it is about being an IT problem.

That’s why we offer Cybersecurity Awareness Training to all of our clients – for free. We perform this training in boardrooms, staff kitchens and on the big stage at conferences.

Cybersecurity Tools for a laptop

Security and compliance made easy

Today’s cyber world is trickier to navigate than ever and it’s made even more complicated when you have compliance obligations.

We are very experienced helping businesses comply with their auditing and compliance obligations, not only with Cybersecurity but also recognising that Service Level Agreements contain a lot of promises that other service providers often fail on.

Service Level Agreements that you can actually rely on

Rock IT is audited every year by a third party auditor to ensure that the claim and promises we make in our contracts are actually delivered upon. So our clients have an additional level of peace of mind that other providers simply can’t claim to offer.

IT Support staff who are easy to deal with

Our team knows only one way: “Make it easy for our clients”.

To fulfill that promise, our team needs to go beyond simply being nice – we need to be experienced enough to know that you don’t have time to be spending fixing IT issues, or waiting around for long periods of time.

We offer a wide array of automated and self-help tools for you to quickly resolve some issues yourself (such as a password reset) but we also can help you out immediately over the phone or via email.

Logging a support enquiry is incredibly easy. Just pick up the phone or shoot us an email and we’ll get onto your request. We categorise support requests based on priority/severity. But if you think that something is really important to solve right now, have a chat to your Account Manager and they’ll be able to boost your request up the queue. How cool is that?

Rock IT Support Staff