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Cyber Security for the Legal Sector

Built for the Legal sector, our cyber security package includes everything you need to secure and protect your client’s personal data and your own organisation’s information!

  • Ensure data compliance through Compliance Manager
  • Limit confidential personal data from leaving your business
  • Limit access of personal data to only required employee’s
  • Secure data on any devices accessing your information
  • Prevent opening of lost or stolen data files

You’ll also receive the latest version of MS Office, huge email & data storage allowances AND daily backups of your email and cloud data!

With your organisation most at risk from a Notifiable Data Breach report, secure your data with a protection framework your employee’s can work within.

Cyber crime is a growing concern for all businesses across every industry, and even more so for those who operate in vulnerable sectors, such as law firms. A threat report from the NCSC highlighted that 60% of law firms reported an information security incident in 2018, an increase of 20% from 2017.

Legal firms are heavily reliant on technology with the high volume of connectivity making everyone vulnerable. Research highlights just how big an issue this is: in 2017, 60% of law firms reported an incident, but that’s only those who identified an issue. There has also been a significant 42% increase in reported incidents in the last five years. This could mean that either businesses are more aware so are reporting cases, or cyber crime is on the rise. It’s most likely a combination of both.

Unfortunately, no law firm is immune from becoming the next Cyber Victim. Legal Services businesses need to be prepared for a cyber attack and take action now. Law firms shouldn’t expect employees to be solely responsible for identifying new threats as they enter the IT environment – but rather, the latest security technology for law firms should be implemented to spot incoming threats as they arise.

Real-time fraud detection, threat intelligence sources and automated content checking can highlight phishing scams and social engineering attempts, removing the burden from staff and bring new levels of sophistication to the organisation. For a sector that is so protective of its reputation, it’s time for law firms to take cyber security seriously.

Don’t know where to start? Contact us or check out our Cyber security Benchmark Assessment.


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