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Cyber Security Protection for Financial Services

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Cyber Security for the Financial Services Sector

Built for the Financial Services sector, our cyber security package includes everything you need to secure and protect your client’s personal data and your own organisation’s information!

The banking and financial services sector faces almost three times more cyber-attacks than any other industry. The banks possess data of millions of users. So, for cyber criminals, attacking banks and financial institutions offers multiple avenues for profit through extortion, theft, and fraud. More and more, financial services organisations are operating under a constant state of attack, leaving IT and security teams challenged in their ability to collect, disseminate and interpret malicious events.

  • Ensure data compliance through Compliance Manager
  • Limit confidential personal data from leaving your business
  • Limit access of personal data to only required employee’s
  • Secure data on any devices accessing your information
  • Prevent opening of lost or stolen data files

With your organisation most at risk from a Notifiable Data Breach report, secure your data with a protection framework your employee’s can work within.

PWC’s “Threats to the Banking & Financial Services Sector” report had these key highlights:

An attractive target… 45% have suffered economic crime during the survey period compared to 34% across all other industries.

More than one way to lose… The sector remains a key target for criminals and asset misappropriation is still the primary type of reported economic crime. Cybercrime, bribery and corruption appear to be increasingly common in the sector.

Tone from the top.. 1 in 5 internally-perpetrated frauds still involve senior management, though, the majority of such fraud tends to be committed by junior staff or middle management.

Delusions of security… Cybercrime risk appears to be increasing however risk awareness can differ greatly depending on an individual’s role and function.

Underestimating the risk… 1 in 4 financial services respondents failed to conduct annual fraud risk assessments. Over half of those who have not conducted any at all during the survey period are unaware of what these assessments involve or fail to see value in them.

Don’t know where to start? Contact us or check out our Cyber security Benchmark Assessment.

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