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Rock IT

Gotta get data?

We offer quick data collection services for insolvency practices

Data collection services

Get data collected quickly and efficiently

We understand the demands and urgency of data collection for insolvency practices. Our highly trained team can extract data from various systems, collect it and present it back to you in a usable format.

Data can be extracted from systems such as:

  • File servers
  • Email systems (such as Exchange, Office 365, G-Suite)
  • Databases (such as SQL)
  • Websites and domain names

We’ve been Pitcher Partners’ provider of choice since 2015 and we can help your practice as well.

Managed IT services

Need to keep a business in administration operational?

We offer a complete range of Managed IT Services to keep businesses in distress running.

IT services & solutions we offer include:

Forensic analysis tools

Data collection is just part of the puzzle

It can be hard to make sense of data when it’s out of context or difficult to find connecting elements.

Unstructured data comes in many forms like: spreadsheets, Office documents, phone records, zip files and emails. With the click of a button, our forensic analysis tool can process vast numbers of file types into a single database called an index for easy review.

Search options include: keyword search, date filtering, document identification, metadata search and so on. Visual guided analytics, paragraph fragment analysis, OCR Integration and keyword statistic reporting to increase the user’s productivity and quality of results.