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What's a Helpdesk Party?

Helpdesk Parties

Are you sick of dealing with IT Companies that don't get YOU?

Rock IT has been providing IT Support Services to businesses since 2003 – and one thing we’ve noticed in that time is that so many IT companies are BORING.

Why are they boring?

Because they care more about the technology they can sell you, rather than about you and your business.

That’s why you find so many IT companies that talk in technical speak.

You might say: “I need a new computer because this one is slow”
The response you get: “Cool, I know just the thing”
The quote you get:
1x Core i5 E5505 BUS 22938
16x 1GBDDR3092

What does all of that even mean? Who knows! But more importantly – who cares?

This is how your conversation should go

You: “I need a new computer because this one is slow”
Response: “Cool. I know just the thing. Just checking that you’re still using it for Emails and web browsing?”
You: “Actually, now I’m doing some design work”
Response: “No worries, I’ll give you some options in a quote then give you a call to talk you through it. Also, we can clean up your old computer and get it ready for your intern.”
You: “Awesome!”

Awesome indeed.


So what's with the Party??

Because when the party stops, we’re the people to call to get things going again.

And yes, the party we’re referring to is your IT Systems

Hopefully your systems aren’t on fire like in this picture – that would be terrifying!

For everything else, drop us a line and we’ll get your party started.

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