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Office 365 Security Pack

Easy bolt-on security systems

Why isn't Office 365 secured by default?

Think of Office 365 like a bike.

You can use a bike straight out of the bike store and it will work just fine as a mode of transport.

However it’s not very safe. So you buy yourself a helmet, lights, gloves and reflective vest. Even with these protective items you’re not 100% safe, however you know that if you do have an accident you’ll be better off with them.

The same is with any email system however instead of your personal well-being at risk, it’s your business. Without any protective systems in place you are vulnerable. You might get lucky and not have an incident but you are increasing your chances.

Did you know…

The bulk of cyber attacks start with an email… 91%!

And they’re targeted at Business Owners and Executives.

Here's some effective security bolt-ons

  • Multi-factor authentication (one-time code)
  • Office 365 backup (O365 isn’t backed up by default!)
  • Email/Spam filtering (filter out all the obvious stuff first)
  • Anti-phishing banner (a visible banner identifying external email)
  • Link protection (links emailed to you are checked before you can access them)

Properly configured, your business will be in a stronger position to avoid the next Cyber threat.

Implementation that's easy

Cybersecurity is a complex problem that can be easily addressed

Making sense of the complex is what we do best… and we’ve been doing it since 2003 for leading Australian companies including:

  • Australian Foundation Investment Company
  • Pitcher Partners
  • Lombard the Paper People
  • Tibaldi meat
  • Basket Ball Victoria

Whether you’re big or small, we have the experience to help you navigate the complexities of Cybersecurity and help you easily implement the necessary safe-guards.

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