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Secure Remote Access

Enable secure remote access to your business

Secure Remote Access

With the growing needs of Australians wanting (and currently requiring) to work from home, businesses need to establish Secure Remote Access for their workforce.

What is secure remote access?

Secure remote access is a term used to describe a suite of services and security strategies. There’s often a mix of security policies and technology solutions that only grant access to authorised personnel to your network and data.

An organisation’s workforce is no longer limited to its office block. Employees may connect back to their business network from locations across the globe using high speed internet services. Couple this with newer cloud-based apps and you have a disparate workforce across disparate platforms.

Old security measures are no longer applicable in this world and must be replaced or redesigned with safeguards that allow team members to access secure systems from wherever they might be in the world, at any time.

Key benefits of secure remote access:

  • Ability for staff to work from any location with the same efficiency and effectiveness as being physically in the office
  • Access to all of your vital business tools, including file storage, emails, chat and applications

Productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365, when properly configured, provide the platform for your business to securely access your systems.

However you need to do it properly in order to not lose productivity and increase your risk.

laptop with secure remote access

At Rock IT we’re all about improving your processes, making your working life easier and helping you connect and collaborate no matter whereabouts you are or what machine you’re using. With our secure remote access service that we offer you can accomplish all of your daily tasks by accessing your important resources with whatever computer you like; meaning you don’t even have to have physical access to your office to benefit from any programs you need to use. Allowing all users in your network to use software without downloading it every time is a surefire way to save you time and money and help your business grow and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

man working from home securely

One of the main benefits of these secure remote access services is that it will save you a significant amount of money. You no longer will lose staff due to long commute times and you’ll be able to offer more flexible working arrangements for working parents.

If you want to contain your environment, talk to us about secure Remote Desktop Services. These services can give you access to your company’s infrastructure, for example, without having to install the same technology on each employee’s individual machine. If you’re undergoing an overhaul and have the prospect of replacing all of your PC’s, or using remote access services, then it’s a no brainer because you only have to install software, security etc on your server machine, rather than every PC in your network.

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With security always an important concern you’ll be glad to know that by using remote desktop services, you can easily control what users are able to access in your network. This is extremely convenient if different users should have different levels of access to specific files. Should a new user require access to a software application on your server, they can quickly be authorised and then use the application. The alternative would be installing and configuring the software on the new user’s computer which is obviously a much more laborious and time consuming task.

With our highly powered servers we have the capability to ensure high performance even when large numbers of users are logged in. Dealing with connectivity or performance issues can affect employees’ productivity and ultimately your bottom line, but with Rock IT there’s nothing to worry about. This also means that remote desktop solutions are easily scalable if you’re rapidly growing as a company.

If there’s anything about remote desktop services that you’re still a little unclear about, or you’re interested about getting started on your own custom hosted desktop solution, why not chat to us today? We’ll be happy to give you the benefit of our experience and expertise in the industry and we’ll help devise a plan based on the specific needs of your business. We work with top brands in a wide range of fields – no matter what industry you’re in. – we’re sure that our services will reap great benefits.. Find out for yourself and see how we work.