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Cloud & Offsite Backup Solutions

When you work with Rock IT, our experts will deliver a solution that will change your business for the better.

Cloud & Offsite Backup Solutions

In business, as in most aspects of life, it’s important to be prepared and safeguard yourself against disaster. Cloud backup is a simple and effective method of ensuring that, should worst come to worst, the damage will be minimised and you’ll be able to quickly rectify the situation. Here at Rock IT, we’ll devise a tailored solution that will help give you much needed peace of mind.

While advances in technology have made things much easier for businesses to stay connected and experience unprecedented growth, technology can occasionally fail. The choice you have is whether to prepare for this possibility or not. Whether it’s an employee accidentally pressing the wrong key and deleting an important document, a system crash, or even a natural disaster such as fire or a flood, it’s made so much worse if you haven’t taken the simple yet essential step of creating an offsite backup.

No matter how diligently you backup your files, if you store all your devices and data in the same physical location you run the risk of losing everything should something happen. If you use our cloud backup services; you’ll can send off your files electronically to the cloud, so whether you’ve just lost one particular file, or your hardware itself is damaged, you’ll be able to restore it to the same device, or access your data via another device..

At Rock IT, we focus on building a strong relationship with our clients, and we advocate transparency in everything we do so you have an understanding of all the processes we’re carrying out. We’ll strive to find the best cloud backup solution for your individual situation; and we’ll find the perfect balance between cost and performance, to suit any budget. Whether you want the basics (smaller amounts of data backed up, limited number of devices), or you’d like a more extensive and comprehensive solution, we’ll be able to scale accordingly and offer you the ideal solution.

Concerned about storing sensitive data in the cloud? Our private clouds   where we’ll store your backups –  aremade extremely secure and kept away from any unauthorised users. With custom security solutions and our dedicated team constantly monitoring and maintaining your virtual servers, we’ll ensure that you can rest easy. We’ll use effective encryption software, which will stop anyone undesirable (such as hackers) accessing your or your customers’ data thereby keeping it safe and secure.

As with all our services, we’ll keep a close eye on your backups to ensure that everything is in order,and should you need to restore your data you can do so quickly and with minimal hassle. After all, it’s no use having all your files backed up if you can’t access them conveniently! We offer some of the best cloud backup software in the industry; allowing you to get back up and running in no time.

We try and make things as simple as possible here at Rock IT, but if there’s ever anything you’re unsure of we’ll be happy to remedy this. Get in touch today if you like the sound of our invaluable offsite backup services.