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Fifth day of Hackmas

Fifth day of Hackmas: the 102nd caller will win a Porsche

We’re heading back a long way now to 1995, when a young main in Los Angeles was very keen to win a a Porsche 944!

The radio station LA KIIS FM was running a competition where the 102nd caller into the show would win this Porsche.

The young man assured his success by taking control of the radio station’s phone network and blocked incoming calls to the radio station!

The FBI were onto him though and he ended up spending 5 years in prison for the breach. The details of how he pulled off the breach are not fully known, however it’s fair to say that in 1995 there were some gaping holes in many systems security.

Could this have been prevented?

Surely – who knows the exact way the hack was pulled off, but it would’ve been some form of lax security.


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