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Cybersecurity Benchmark Assessment

Make sense of the complex

Cybersecurity is complex

Know where you stand

Cybersecurity is not just a bunch of technologies that you can choose to buy: it is a multi-pronged strategy that gives you the best chance of keeping the bad guys & girls out.

There are multiple areas that need to be considered including hardware, software, data and people, each with their own unique set of challenges.

When faced with the enormity of the problem, many business owners struggle to make correct decisions and limit their Cybersecurity to basic technologies such as antivirus.

Take the guesswork out of understanding your Cybersecurity posture with a Dashboard showing you where you’re covered and where you need further work.

You have to work towards better security

Track your progress with an Action Plan

You can’t “solve” Cybersecurity overnight – you have to constantly work towards improving your security.

Understanding where you stand today and where you will be tomorrow is critical to strategic businesses.

Our Security Action Plan helps you prioritise and focus on the problems you need to address next with a 12 month Cybersecurity rollout plan

Compliance made easy

Without the need for consultants

Your business will be assessed across 54 standards from 4 global Cybersecurity principles.

The 54 standards fit into the following 4 categories:

  • Application
    • How is your data protected?
  • EndPoint
    • How are your computers protected?
  • Network & Perimeter
    • How is your network protected?
  • Prevention & Policy Management
    • How is your business and employees protected?
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Rock IT are leading Cyber security consultants in Melbourne. We can help your business comply with rigorous compliance regulations, including APRA, to protect your company data and avoid downtime from attacks.

We offer risk and compliance assessments, audits and reviews. Our team also provide cyber-threat management and strategies to protect against cybersecurity issues.

We provide specialist information security advice on how to best protect your valuable business information. We help you get a clear picture of your risks and implement information security strategies tailored to your business. Information security consulting is all about protecting important information, both in electronic and paper form, from unauthorised disclosure, modification and loss.

An information security strategy will help you to identify the most important information within your organisation and the main risks to that information. This understanding will allow you to focus on the high risk areas and allocate resources where they will provide the most benefit.

Demonstrating effective management of information security can also provide reassurance to clients that they can trust you to keep their information secure.

Rock IT can help you effectively plan and deliver your security program. Reviewing your existing security strategy and operating model, or building one from scratch, we can give you a roadmap to get from wherever you are today, to where you need to be in the future.

Whether that’s 3 months or 3 years from now, and whether your target state is ‘minimum viable security’, an industry benchmark, or world’s best practice, Rock IT can help.


Developing, reviewing and revising cybersecurity policies to align with industry standards and your organisation’s needs.

Pragmatic, efficient and effective advice at both the operational level (including supporting metrics), as well as board-level reporting and staff awareness.


Identifying cybersecurity threats to your organisation or system, assessing their likelihood, determining their business risk and implementing mitigation strategies to achieve acceptable levels of risk.

Implementation that's easy

It's a complex problem that can be easily addressed

Making sense of the complex is what we do best… and we’ve been doing it since 2003 for leading Australian companies including:

  • Australian Foundation Investment Company
  • Pitcher Partners
  • Lombard the Paper People
  • Tibaldi meat
  • Basket Ball Victoria

Whether you’re big or small, we have the experience to help you navigate the complexities of Cybersecurity and help you easily implement the necessary safe-guards.

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