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Rock IT

Humans cause most cyber incidents

Education is key

With over 90% of all cyber attacks starting with an email, it’s vital that your staff know what to look out for and what to do.

What topics are covered?

Cover all the base

Rock IT’s Cybersecurity Awareness training sessions are fun and interactive. There are plenty of real-life examples of sophisticated cyber attacks that are all-too-easy to pull off and a list of actions for everyone to follow.

  • Current threats
  • Attack red flags
  • Defensive procedures
  • Threat reaction plans

Cyber training is for everyone

Cybersecurity is not just an IT problem

Don’t settle for online training or off-the-shelf training modules. Invest in professional cybersecurity awareness experts to deliver your course directly to your organisation. Dedicated training allows a course to be tailored for your organisation and have a greater depth of engagement with your staff base.