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Phishing attacks more efficient than data breaches: Google

Caitlin Devidas

A Google study found that phishing attacks are more efficient than data breaches at getting criminals into victim’s account and that the average person still has can’t pick a good pass word. The recent study was carried out in conjunction with University of California at Berkley and the International Computer Science Institute. Researchers conducted a year-long

Increased cyber attacks must trigger equivalent action

Caitlin Devidas

Recent and widely publicised cyber attacks must be the impetus for a renewed and more concerted and coordinated global commitment to strengthen cyber security capabilities. In May, the WannaCry ransomware attacks struck, underscoring the potentially disastrous consequences for health care facilities and their patients when medical records and medical devices are compromised. June brought yet

IT: investment or expense?

Caitlin Devidas

Why investment in your IT infrastructure will now save you money in the future   IT – from niche to necessity In 1998 only 63% of businesses had a computer and just 6% had an online presence.* Business owners at the time considered IT a luxury. By the mid-2000s, practically every business in Australia (97%)

ASIC to scrutinise directors who ignore cyber security

Caitlin Devidas

The corporate regulator is expected to step up its scrutiny of directors who fail to properly manage the risk of cyber attacks as a new report warns that within four years the cost of cybercrime globally will exceed $6 trillion annually. The MinterEllison Perspectives on Cyber Risk Report 2017 found that while awareness of the

Fix the weakest link in your cloud security

Caitlin Devidas

Shadow IT is the term used to describe IT systems that are built and used within businesses without explicit business approval. An example is an individual employee signing up for a cloud-based app without going through an approval process first. Why is this a problem? Relatively few organisations are able to track the cloud services

Beware iTunes scams

Nik Devidas

The ATO is reminding the public to be alert to scammers impersonating the ATO demanding iTunes gift cards as a form of tax debt payment. Staggering to believe, but a simple cold call to unsuspecting victims is working. The ruse is simple: cold call someone and pretend to be from the ATO, then demand payment

Tips for a solid disaster recovery plan

Caitlin Devidas

Disaster Recovery (DR) goes beyond just backing up. Backing up is simply taking a copy of your data and storing it. DR needs to factor in a lot more, such as: 1. Where will you restore your data to? 2. How will you restore your data if your equipment is not accessible? 3. How much

Don’t get complacent in the Cloud

Caitlin Devidas

Cloud security is getting better but that doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. WannaCry was one of the biggest and most widespread “attacks” ever seen, but it wasn’t so widespread as to take out the world. And that’s a concern because WannaCry has been widely described as amateur. Keeping data secure has never been harder than

Erase yourself from the Internet

Caitlin Devidas

It’s a very tough proposition to completely erase yourself from the internet. Think that you’re not on there because you don’t have Facebook? Well, read our article about Google location services… you’re on the internet! So unless you’ve actually been off the grid “for real”, there’s a few things you can do. But be warned