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Should you cover your webcam just like Mark Zuckerberg does?

Nik Devidas

Yep. You absolutely should. And stuff chewing gum into your laptop microphone. There are cameras and lenses everywhere. On the side of buildings, in your phone and in your laptop. Do we even notice them anymore given they’re so prevalent? And the reality is, someone could be watching you at any moment – even when

Can your smart TV really be hacked?

Nik Devidas

It’s hard to fathom what really makes a TV smart, but the marketing geniuses at just about every manufacturer seem to think that a “Smart TV” is a TV that can connect to the internet and stream content. Basically it means Netflix etc. can be played via your TV remote. The reality now that many

Why are all the scammers from Nigeria?

Nik Devidas

Keen followers of my articles will recall a previous article named “Why do phishing email be writtened such bad english? Turns out it’s intentional…” In that article, I explored why phishing emails contained such terrible and obvious spelling and grammatical errors. But I didn’t address why so many scammers say that they’re from Nigeria. A

How & why to use a Password Manager for increased Cybersecurity

Nik Devidas

Keen followers of this blog will know that we’ve been banging on about the need to use unique passwords for each online account… and before you spit out your coffee in shock because you have 180 online accounts, there’s a key reason for it. Firstly – your username and password are a combination. Your username

Why deleting your Google history is a must-do

Nik Devidas

How comfortable with Google having a copy of everything you’ve searched… ever? Unless you move to a private search engine DuckDuckGo, then your search engine still likely has a copy of everything you’ve ever searched. Let’s take Google for example. Check out your Google Search History: searches, locations, interests. They’ve recorded it all. Deleting your Google

Turn On Encryption In Facebook Messenger NOW!

Nik Devidas

Facebook Messenger’s ‘Secret Conversations’ allow end-to-end encryption, but the feature is opt-in. Here’s how to turn it on and use it. End-to-end encryption means that your conversations are encrypted from one device to another so the conversation can’t be accessed by anyone other than the sender and the intended receiver. Facebook’s new encryption, appropriately, is

FBI Ransomware Alert & mitigation steps

Nik Devidas

In an FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) alert, the government agencies warned cybersecurity professionals about SamSam MSIL/Samas.A ransomware attacks. Within the alert, the government agencies recommended that organizations take these 14 steps to mitigate the risk of SamSam ransomware infection. Here’s the mitigation guidance, word for word from the FBI and DHS memo: 1.

Ransomware is everywhere – so what can you do?

Nik Devidas

Ransomware is everywhere these days. According to a recent study, 94% of IT providers reported ransomware bypassed top-of-the-line anti-virus software. If ransomware makes it past your front line of defense, what’s your next move? Protect your business with these tips

What the Privacy Act Amendments mean for Australian Businesses

Nik Devidas

The information in this article should be treated as a guide only and not legal advice. Please seek professional legal advice should you require further clarification. The quick summary The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 was passed by the Senate as an amendment to the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and will come