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12 days of Hackmas

Nik Devidas

schadenfreude n.Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. n.Malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else’s misfortune. n.delight in another person’s misfortune Welcome to the 12 days of Hackmas where we go through 12 of the most surprising, amazing and disturbing Cyber hacks that have ever been pulled off. Why? Well it’s not all schadenfreude – there’s some great

Disney+ breach highlights why using the same password is a bad idea

Nik Devidas

Disney+ is the newest entry into the online streaming market, offering a wide range of old and new Disney content. Day 1 didn’t go so well with the service unable to keep up with the high demand. Week 1 got even worse when it was found that thousands of user accounts had been breached and

How & why to use a Password Manager for increased Cybersecurity

Nik Devidas

Keen followers of this blog will know that we’ve been banging on about the need to use unique passwords for each online account… and before you spit out your coffee in shock because you have 180 online accounts, there’s a key reason for it. Firstly – your username and password are a combination. Your username

Multi factor authentication (MFA) is gaining popularity

Nik Devidas

As concerns about password security grow, multi factor authentication is an increasingly favoured way to protect an organisation. How does Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) work? Single-factor authentication is your classic username & password combination. (Read here why that’s such a critical combination) MFA adds in another layer of security on top of your username & password,

How to create a strong password

Nik Devidas

The US-based National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a government agency, producing guidelines that Australia’s own Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) tends to recommend. Of importance in 2017 are the NIST password recommendations. The salient point is below: What does this means for password selecting? Make it random But random passwords are

How to change your Office 365 password

Nik Devidas

You can only do this if your admin has given you permission to update your password in Office 365. Go to and sign in with your work account username(email address) and existing password. Go to Settings > Password Make your changes and click Save Here’s what the settings page looks like:

How to change your Windows 10 password

Nik Devidas

The are many ways to change password on Windows machine, the quickest way is by performing Ctrl+Alt+Del as shown below. Ctrl + Alt + Del security screen This method allows you to set the password only for the currently logged user i.e. you. To change your password using this method, do the following: Press Ctrl

How to change your Mac password

Nik Devidas

How to change the login password on your Mac Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen Select System Preferences from the drop down menu Click on Users & Groups Click the Password tab Click the lock in the bottom left corner of the Users & Groups window Enter your