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Microsoft Office 365 is not backed up!

Nik Devidas

Everything in the world of backup was going just fine before the Cloud came along. Server rooms used to look the same: Racks with servers slotted in. The beauty of this setup (from a backup point of view) was that you could see where your data sat and therefore, you knew everything about the security

4 tips for a rock solid disaster recovery plan

Caitlin Devidas

First things first: Disaster Recovery (DR) is not backup. What is backup? Backing up is simply taking a copy of your data and storing it. Backup has a number of rules that you can follow, with a old favourite being the 3-2-1 rule: Have 3 copies of your data, on 2 different types of media

Internet of Things – 10 stupid iot devices that we just didn’t need

Nik Devidas

Gosh, sometimes being human is just plain hard! Flicking a switch to turn on a light. Remembering how much water to drink. Wondering if your hair has been brushed with the correct force. What about working out where your cows are? The “Internet of Things” or IoT connects so called “Smart Devices” to the internet.

Latest Windows 10 update wipes user data; highlights lack of backups

Nik Devidas

Such is the state of computing these days, software providers are continually releasing security and bug patches. Microsoft has what’s known as “Patch Tuesday”, which is a monthly release of security and bug fixes. The quality of these updates is often questionable as well, with the latest October 2018 (1809) release leaving some users reporting

Don’t get complacent in the Cloud

Caitlin Devidas

Cloud security is getting better but that doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. WannaCry was one of the biggest and most widespread “attacks” ever seen, but it wasn’t so widespread as to take out the world. And that’s a concern because WannaCry has been widely described as amateur. Keeping data secure has never been harder than

What’s your plan B if your tech fails you whilst travelling?

Caitlin Devidas

Technology fails. That is an unfortunate truth about the gadgets and devices that run our businesses and our lives. What do you do if your tech fails you whilst you’re away from the office and home? There’s always the risk of damage and theft when you’re away – and whilst replacing the tech is inevitably

Digital Transformation: what is it?

Caitlin Devidas

In a nutshell, it is applying digital processes to existing business operations. In the same way that machinery enabled manufacturing processes to speed up, automation and standardisation of tasks can increase efficiency and free up staff to work on higher value tasks: such as things that ‘robots’ will never be able to do as well

It’s big business for scammers

Caitlin Devidas

Those pesky scammers, they are getting smarter and trickier – just ask the companies that paid more than $3.1B to fake-CEO email scams! Most of us probably know about those fake inheritance scams and emails from Nigeria, but some are still being duped by scams claiming they are from The Post or The ATO.  Scams are