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Internet of Things – 10 stupid iot devices that we just didn’t need

Nik Devidas

Gosh, sometimes being human is just plain hard! Flicking a switch to turn on a light. Remembering how much water to drink. Wondering if your hair has been brushed with the correct force. What about working out where your cows are? The “Internet of Things” or IoT connects so called “Smart Devices” to the internet.

Digital Transformation: what is it?

Caitlin Devidas

In a nutshell, it is applying digital processes to existing business operations. In the same way that machinery enabled manufacturing processes to speed up, automation and standardisation of tasks can increase efficiency and free up staff to work on higher value tasks: such as things that ‘robots’ will never be able to do as well

Want to speed up your business and be more digitally competitive?

Caitlin Devidas

There is no comparison to how businesses are run today compared to twenty years ago. Those days may have seemed simpler in some ways, but the technology we enjoy today has opened up new opportunities that we have learned to enjoy and appreciate. Technology has increased speed. Business is now moving faster than ever. With

Is technology really pivotal for your business success?


Just think for a minute where your business would be without technology. From scheduling appointments to invoicing customers, your business relies on technology in nearly every facet. You monitor its potential and success with CRM and accounting software. You watch it grow online with analytics. You email your clients and associates from your phone and

Productivity, IT and you


Choosing the right technology can be tough as a wrong decision can lead to a whole raft of problems. With new technologies forever cropping up, making the right IT decisions has never been harder. That’s where we come in. If it’s one thing that businesses are all too eager to improve, it’s their productivity. Some people