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3rd day of Hackmas

Third day of Hackmas: Operation Cupcake

Hacks are typically pulled off by two types of people or groups:

  • Professional attackers who are motivated by monetary gain
  • Adolescents looking for a rush

Operation Cupcake falls into the latter when in 2011 the British Intelligence service MI6 went on the hunt to hack a radical Muslim preacher.

army officer holding a cupcake

The preacher operated an online magazine that pushed radicalised beliefs and even more worryingly, instructions on how to manufacture pipe bombs in your own kitchen.

The document that MI6 were looking to target was titled “Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom” and what they did next was both important and amusing.

MI6 allowed the recipe book to remain on the site for distribution, but instead of the book containing bomb making instructions it was changed to recipes to make cupcakes.

Could this have been prevented?

Probably, but I’m glad it wasn’t.


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