Are you being bombarded with spam messages on your iPhone? Here’s a way to stop them and it only takes 60 seconds!

That’s to sat that, spam message notifications are the most annoying interruption especially when you’re in the middle of something. When you discover it’s only a junk message, it’s so annoying!!

Most importantly, we have a secret to share to stop these persistent messages coming through and upsetting your day. The solution is just a little hidden but a feature already in iOS.

Let’s me explain how.

How to stop spam messages on iPhone

1. Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down and down until you find Messages. Tap it.

2. Scroll until you find “Filter Unknown Messages”

Turn it on. This is where we make the spam disappear like Houdini’s magic act. Keep in mind you’ll have to scroll down a few pages to get there. But it is totally worth it!

To enable it you need to toggle it to the on position and make it green.

3. That’s it

Wallah! You’re good to go.

But if you want to check and see your blocked messages, you’ll see tabs at the top of the screen if you click into your messages app. Secondly, on the left you’ll spot “Contacts & SMS” which will contain messages from known contacts in your address book. On the right will be the new “Unknown Senders” tab.

So, if you receive a message from a sender not in your address book, you won’t get a ping. Rather you’ll spot it in the “Unknown senders” tab.

Where’s that you ask?

Open your messages and you should see “Filters” at the top left corner of your screen. When you go into filters, you can filter by known and unknown senders, as well as unread messages.

Warning: Once “Filter Unknown Senders” is enabled, it becomes very important to add all legitimate senders to your address book. Any message from a number not in your contact list will go to the Unknown Senders tab. If you’re expecting a text from someone you know, be sure to enter them into your address book. Otherwise, you’ll have to scan this list to see if there’s anything new you need to pay attention to.

Related warning: Gig workers from services like Door Dash, Uber Eats, and InstaCart often use rotating custom text message numbers to reach out to customers during the shopping or pickup process. If you’re expecting a delivery from one of these services, be sure to check your Unknown Senders tab during the delivery window.

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