Whether we want it or not the Big names in tech are not slowly down on getting the metaverse live. But when it arrives how will the privacy and security fair since we’re having these issues with our existing technology.

Realistically no matter what version of metaverse we end up with chances are security and privacy issues are going to be much worse.

And here’s why.

Firstly, the fundamental business model of nearly all big tech is to observe and analyse and gather information on us and to overcover who we are and what we like. In other words, web surveillance capitalism.

Secondly, tech companies in their rush to get the next hottest thing to market often neglect to secure the software properly. So, they end up selling us stuff with buggy software codes. Because getting their item to market matters more to them than a customer’s privacy and data. As a result, people are so used to privacy leaks that when it happens to them, they end up staying with the company that was breached. And perhaps it is simpler not to change.

Meanwhile, the scammers aren’t slowing down their own dodgy business.

And police are ill equipped to deal with phishing or ransomware theft. And then even if they can, the crooks are in another country or different jurisdictions. Better yet, they turn out to be working for a government. Challenging to get any justice.

Chances are the metaverse will just exacerbate all these problems.

Importantly, if you are already concern with how much big tech knows about you – the websites, and links you click on and targeted advertising. You’ll be extremely worried about how much they’ll know once they are recording everything you look at and the time you’ve spent in each. It’s bad enough that big techs will know this information. But what about when it gets into the hands of scammers when data leaks occur. It will be our worst nightmare.

While we think phishing and spear-phishing scams are nuisance and issue now with the carefully crafted emails and social engineering, it will get worse. In other words, get ready for your CEO to appear in a virtual workspace and ask you to transfer millions to a random bank account.

Microsoft’s executive VP of Security, compliance, identity, and management, Charlie Bell warns “the problems of yesterday’s and today’s Internet — impersonation, attempts to steal credentials, social engineering, nation state espionage, inevitable vulnerabilities — will be with us in the metaverse.”

And for sure they be other risks involved with creating physical representations of ourselves in a virtual world that we’ll soon discover.

But let’s hope when metaverse goes live and all these issues come to the forefront for big tech and the broader society, something will get done. They’ll be no other option.

Certainly, that’s the ideal. But is that even plausible? Not likely.

So, what is the solution? Start demanding better privacy and security from the big tech companies.

Because soon they impose on us a future none of us asked for that will have worse security and privacy implications for us.

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