Why is email security important?

If a hacker can access your private communications by gaining unauthorised access to or impersonating your email account, they can view and intercept all your private conversations. And ultimately cybercriminals then have the power to send emails pretending to be you, commit fraud, access your online accounts, and even blackmail you by stealing your sensitive information.

For cybercriminals, email account hacking and impersonation are common methods used to send fake invoices, phishing emails, or malicious attachments. In 2019 alone according to ACCC Scamwatch, $132 million was lost because of business email scams.

Specifically targeted towards businesses especially the Executive and financial team, business email compromise (BEC) is a form of email security compromise. In other words, it is when criminals use email to abuse trust in business processes to scam organisations out of money or goods. In addition, now they are targeting everyday employees the “low profile” staff members to try and trick them into giving away important business information or as an “entry into an organization to launch other more deadly attacks, as they widen their scope.

Learn about the risks and how to Protect Against Business Email Compromise – What will it take for you to protect you, your business, and your employees against fraud, scams, and blackmail?

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