Over the last decade we’ve seen technology develop at a rate we never dreamt was even possible. If we look at the world of business almost everything is now automated, digitised and across networks. Million- dollar companies keep their important information stored “in the cloud.” A question up for debate in our time, is about cyber security services. Are cyber security services, actually- worth it? A definite, YES! is the answer. Cyber security services are a MUST have for companies in our time.

Is it really a debatable topic? Research shows it is pretty- clear, security services are actually- worth it. For instance, according to a PWC’s survey conducted in 2015, “It’s not just a technology issue, it’s a business issue. Digital is no longer the sole domain of IT and there are very real risks in allowing it to remain so: not just the risks of lost opportunity, but financial, commercial, and reputational risks too.”

Vulnerabilities and attacks are on the rise

If we look at the research numbers firstly, noting Wipro’s “State of Cybersecurity Report in 2017”. Analysts at Wipro examined 3,376 public breaches discovering an increase of 54% in data records lost. That’s to say, that only the help of cyber security services can hope to decrease these rates. Secondly, in 2015, Kaspersky Lab found through its web antivirus program, a staggering 121,262,075 “unique malicious objects”. Meanwhile, there was also a record number of breached records in February 2018 of 2,234,633 at the time.

In addition, the Wombat 2016 State of the Phish reports found that 4 out of 5 organizations have experienced phishing attacks. That’s a huge 80% of companies. In other words, the research is clear our vulnerabilities and the attacks are on the rise and huge in their numbers. Cybersecurity- services, are actually- worth it. It not only about potential money loss, it’s about the future of companies. This is why we say a definite YES, to the debate of our time.

7/24 Cyber Security Services for the networks

It seems a general awareness of phishing is quite low. If we look at the US for example, 65% of people had never heard of the phrase phishing, 17% incorrectly guessed what it could mean while the remaining 18% had no clue at all.

There’s no denying that Companies themselves contain large amounts of valuable information. And each company has many a digital document. There are employees, computers, phone or e-mail addresses, all potential gateways to welcome in the hackers. We know it’s difficult to control each gate. Therefore, continued cyber security services are necessary layer of protection in securing these entry points, along with people education.

A short break in your cybersecurity, could mean a huge attack! Companies need continued information security just like they need customers and their employees. It’s hard to deny the importance of knowledge to keep your company safe. Start with;

  1. a basic knowledge of cyber security services which can help save losses of data, money and prestige.
  2. security scorecards that reveal lots of data about how secure you are and what kind of cyber risks you pose in the digital world.
  3. have realistic information about your own business, and the vulnerabilities.
  4. search for the fittest cyber security services in terms of function, purpose, and perspective.
  5. you’ve assessed your risk, now take proactive measures.

Are cybersecurity services worth it? Absolutely YES. No business can afford to go without it, not at this present time anyway. Cybercriminals will only continue to increase their attacks. So take care and protect yourself.

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