1.Visit https://login.microsoftonline.com and login with your company email address and current Office 365 password.



Note: If you do not remember your Office 365 password, contact Rock IT on (03) 9415 6320.


2.After your organization enables two-factor verification on your Office 365 account, you’ll get a prompt telling you to provide more information to help keep your account secure. Click Next.



3.From the Additional security verification page, select “Use verification code” then click Set up.



4.On the Configure mobile app page, click on “Configure app without notifications”.



a) Download and install the Google Authenticator App for your phone type (i.e. iOS or Android). Do a search for “Google Authenticator App” in either the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).


b) Once the app is installed, run it and click on the Red + Button on the bottom right of the app and select Scan a barcode.



c) Scan the QR code image on your screen using your mobile phone or use the secret key if you are unable to scan the image.



d) If the app displays a six-digit code on your mobile phone, click on Next.
5.Back in the Additional security verification page, click on Next.



6.You will be prompted to enter a verification code from the mobile app. Enter the 6-digit code and click Verify.



7.Once verified you will be provided an App password. Make a note of the password and click Done.



8.Your Office 365 account is now secured using MFA. You may be prompted to re-sign into your Office 365 apps on your mobile device. Sign in as per normal however you will now receive a prompt to enter a 6-digit code prior to signing in.


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