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Securing your home internet

Securing your home internet

There are tonnes of products out there – NetNanny is probably the best known – but at this point in time we’re  going to recommend KoalaSafe because we believe it’s easiest to install & manage, and harder for kids to get around. KoalaSafe is a physical device that you plug into your existing internet router. It creates its own WiFi network which is great. You only tell your kids the password for the KoalaSafe WiFi then you configure the KoalaSafe from your phone. And it’s bloody easy.

If your kids share your devices then it’s straight-forward. Before you hand over your device simply change the WiFi network to the KoalaSafe one.

KoalaSafe also covers every networked device in your home.  Laptops, desktops, Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Xboxes, PlayStations and more – any device that uses a Wi-Fi connection.

Desired Outcome

Kids can only connect to the secured network whilst you connect to the main network. Don’t tell your kids the password to the main network and they’ll never have access to it.

More info

Here’s a few pictures of the Koalasafe device and the app that runs on your smartphone.

The KoalaSafe device and app interface..

The device simply plus into your router (see below). The app allows one-click blocking and granular control per service.

The KoalaSafe device and your network..

Just plug the KoalaSafe into your existing router and you’re away.

Give your kids the WiFi password for the KoalaSafe NOT the main network. Same goes for anything else you want part of that network, such as xbox/playstations.

Reporting and analytics..

See how much time each child has spent online and where they spend their time


Block or Allow based on high-level categories


Granular control based on different services. This screenshot shows how you can block or allow individual video services


Set up a schedule for each child.

Primary mode – it will follow your core set of filters

Homework mode – you might choose to restrict social media and entertainment during homework time without cutting them off