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Telstra Bill Scam – watch out

Telstra Bill Scam – watch out

There’s a new, very well constructed, scam email making the rounds – this time it’s a Telstra look-alike bill.

The well-formatted email will look familiar to existing Telstra customers and asks users to click through to an attached bill. Although there are no attachments: just a link is provided.

Telstra scam bill

The fake Telstra bill. Source: MailGuard.

The link redirects through Tumblr to a fake Telstra login page.

Telstra phishing website login

Telstra phishing website login page. Source: MailGuard.

Once logged in, recipients are directed through to a payment page.

Telstra scam payment page

Telstra scam payment page. Source: MailGuard.

The cyber criminals can then view and save user and payment credentials for further illegal activity.

All fake bills reported have shown the same account number.