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Rock IT’s top 3 Cybersecurity tips

Rock IT’s top 3 Cybersecurity tips

Here’s our top 3 tips to keeping you and your business safe:

  1. Always update
    • Every software vendor releases software updates and it’s not just about new features. More often than not these updates include known security patches
    • Most “hacks” or breaches at the moment (including the massive Equifax data breach) are simply a result of patches not being installed, despite being freely available
  2. Have strong and unique passwords across all of your accounts
  3. Backup. Backup. Backup. and test
    • Follow the 3-2-1 backup method.
      3 Copies of your data
      2 types of media (i.e. local disks and removable disks)
      1 other location (cloud storage)
    • and perform regular test restores

Nothing is foolproof, but by following these three simple steps you will go a long way to improving your cyber resilience.

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