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Tips for a solid disaster recovery plan

Tips for a solid disaster recovery plan

Disaster Recovery (DR) goes beyond just backing up. Backing up is simply taking a copy of your data and storing it. DR needs to factor in a lot more, such as:
1. Where will you restore your data to?
2. How will you restore your data if your equipment is not accessible?
3. How much data loss in the event of a disaster is acceptable?

And of course many more questions fall out of this.

Tip 1 – make a plan
1. Define what’s important to keep the business running – such as email and applications
2. Understand where you can restore your data should your primary equipment be inaccessible
3. Determine what an acceptable timeframe for recovery is

Tip 2 – test the plan
1. Nominate staff to be DR Champions, who test every element of the plan

Tip 3 – backup resiliency
1. Test your backups regularly
2. Store your backups in a different location to your production data
3. You can never have too many backups

Tip 4 – get serious about security.