Business owners, managers, and employees know that organisational change can be a tough thing to get a grip on, however, change is inevitable. There will always be challenges when transforming an old IT landscape into more streamlined and agile versions of themselves; how a Managed Service Provided (MSP) delivers these changes is critical to business success.

What are the challenges when transforming legacy systems to more agile digital infrastructure in the cloud?

Employee resistance

When you decide to upgrade your technology and move to a more digital infrastructure, you are essentially telling employees that the old ways have changed. So, where as an employee might have used a specific icon on their desktop to access email before you made a change to cloud based office services, they now have a web url that they use. Sure, a new icon can be created, but the simple act of changing a process will create a jolt inside of your office staff, and they’ll begin to feel a certain level of panic.
Now, consider the above example as it applies to accessing files or business critical applications. The changes you are making to your IT infrastructure internally may be for the best, but changing workflow and processes can take some adjustment time.

Changing the Perception of Information Technology

One stigma attached to the IT departments in many businesses is one of being cost-prohibitive. Business leaders who have been slower to embrace technology have taken the view of technology as being just another line-item expense on the budget sheet. This perception needs to change: instead of being seen as an added expense, technology should be viewed as a driver of growth and positive change. This transformation is already happening, according to experts, with the most successful companies viewing technology as the backbone of their business.

When Do We Begin?

A bigger challenge that exists in the minds of those responsible for the management of a technology environment is the looming “when do we pull the trigger” question. Sure, you may know that you need to move some business critical services into the cloud, or outsource a specific task to a managed services provider, but when do you do that?
Of course, the answer varies from business to business and Rock IT will ensure a simple, solid solution tailored to your business requirements. Contact us now.