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Five ways to tell if your current Managed Service Provider is right for your business

Five ways to tell if your current Managed Service Provider is right for your business

Are you still trying to remove that dark veil of mystery from the practice of IT management? Like many small-to-medium-size businesses, you’ve turned to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). But how can you tell if your current Manages Services Provider is the right one for you?  Here are five reasons your MSP should be helping you:

Your MSP offers a solution, not just a service.

When you get down to it, your MSP just needs to solve the problem. Are the solutions solid, secure, and simple? They need to be. Ask yourself how many times the operating system failed in the last 12 months. If the answer is more than once, there’s a simpler solution out there.

The MSP evolves its service based on how well it knows you.

Your MSP anticipates the needs of your business and projects what those needs will be in the future. It’s got exciting, paradigm-shifting ideas that will keep you up-to-date with evolving technology and place your business at the cutting edge of your industry.

As an extension of your team, your MSP gets everyone involved with the technology.

Your MSP partners with your internal IT department members, communicating seamlessly with them. And it’s paying off: Your IT guys are no longer those elusive characters that spoke some exotic tech-language. They’ve come out from the cobwebs, displaying an expertise and creativity which you didn’t know they had. In fact, now that your MSP has taken the mystery out of IT management, you and your employees are working with the technology as a fully engaged, integrated team.

Your MSP feels essential to your business.

You feel like you wouldn’t be able to grow your business without your MSP. As your number one go-to resource, its input on technology is vital to the direction that your company’s headed as an industry leader.

Your MSP provides you with a roadmap that empowers your team.

Whether your MSP utilises agile or another customer-centred framework, it’s got a clearly articulated plan for your company. And that plan revolves around you, your team, and your business goals.

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